Welcome to Youth for Human Rights International Chapter Austria

The Purpose of Youth for Human Rights is:The purpose of Youth for Human Rights International is to teach youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, School Principal and Educator from South Africa founded “Youth for Human Rights International” originally as an educational program for children and youth to let them know at an early age how important it is to understand the value of human rights and religious tolerance. She realized that not very much was done to forward the concept of human rights to young people. From that time on she lead the NGO as the executive director, later as the president. There are many ways to support this cause and help youth to know about their human rights. Thank you very much for your visit and we hope you enjoy our website. _______________________________________________________________________________ We are going to integrate our annual Walk for Human Rights into the demonstrations for Human Rights in Tibet. The demonstration is going to start in front of the Chinese Embassy, Metternichgasse 4, 1030 Vienna.  Be there! This is the description of the Tibetan Community-Austria Bodpa: Dear Tibetans and Tibet supporters, This is to inform you regarding the 10th December, which as we all know is the United Nations human rights declaration day. So the exile Tibetan Government urges all Tibetans and Tibet supporters to observe this day as Tibet solidarity day in one’s respective region, in view to share our solidarities with those Tibetans living inside Tibet under the dictatorial regime of communist China. Therefore, here we are requesting Tibetans and Tibet supporters living in Austria to join our movement on 10th December. There will be demonstration in front of China Embassy followed by a candle light vigil to Stephansplatz (City centre). Time schedule: Monday 4p.m -5.30 China Embassy (Demonstrations and protest) 5.30 – 7p.m (Candle Light Vigil to city centre + Demonstration) Bod Gyal Lo TGÖ P.S.: Kindly take this notice with importance and do participate in large numbers to share one’s solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are living in Tibet without any HUMAN RIGHTS! _______________________________________________________________________________


The Children will be able to celebrate Christmas due to your support on December 26! The donations arrived last minute and the Director of the school was very happy as he is now able to prepare the event that the children have been waiting for such a long time. Special Thanks to: Delphine Gaille and her Family! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

This was the international Walk of Human Rights 2011

Thanks to all people that came to the Vienna Walk! You showed what human rights are all about: You have to live human rights, not just talk about it.