Weihnachten in einer kenianischen Waisenschule

Wir freuen uns mit diesen Bildern eine gute Nachrichten zu übermitteln!

Dank Eurer Spenden für die Waisenschule in Kisii, Kenia konnten wir das Weihnachtsfest retten.



2 Antworten auf Weihnachten in einer kenianischen Waisenschule

  • Thanks alot, this is great to see our orphan’s children on the website. They really need help for educations, cloths, food, medical care and clean water.
    I am happy for our friends at Youth for Human Rights international Austria for your support to get good education e.t.c and i hope our orphanage will be able to survive better in the future.
    With love
    Peter m Mageri
    Director of Kisii Orphanage in Kenya

  • Delphine Gaille sagt:

    Hey Peter,

    I am so happy to see that you spent a great Christmas with the children. They are beautiful! Thank you for taking care of them and being a person of trust. I would like to come visiting one day. Maybe next year with Angelo :)

    I send you all my love to you and the children.

    Let’s keep in touch!

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