Happy Birthday HH the Dalay Lama 2014 Celebration Wien

Die TGÖ (Tibeter Gemeinschaft Österreich) veranstaltet am 5. Juli 2014 von 10:00 Uhr bis spät in die Nacht mit einer Disco anlässlich des Geburtstags seiner Heiligkeit dem Dalay Lama eine Feier in Wien eine Feier.

Anbei finden Sie das Programm:

KUNDUN TRUNGKAR 2014 PROGRAM (Facebook link zur Veranstaltung)

Morning Program:
10:00 Celeberation Begins
11:00 Sangsöl,Tibetan National Anthem, Seldon sings Namthar, Scarf offering & Gorshe (Tibetan group dance)
13:00 Prayer for His Holiness from Pater Petrus Bsteh, WCRP

Afternoon Program:
14:30 Annual prize ceremony of the Tibetan Class

1. Snow lion dance (Sengye)
2. Wien ladies dance
3. Choetso solo song
4. Swiss Pasang solo song
5. Linz ladies dance
6. Kunsel solo song
7. Wien ladies group song
8. Pema Lhatso solo song
9. Election for TGÖ Vice president and English secretary (ply for Tibetans)
10. Topgyal song
11. Wien ladies dance
12. Choetso solo song
13. Topgyal solo song
14. Klagenfurt group song
15. Tsewang Dorjee solo song
16. Wien ladies song
17. Pema Lhatso solo dance

18:30 SPORTS
Football match: FC Cholsum United (Wien) Vs FC Yak (Rest of Austria)

20:00 Dinner

21:30 Disco (free entrance) (Facebook link zur Veranstaltung)

Details zur Disco:

Am 05.07.14 wird in Wien der Geburtstag von s. H. Dalai Lama gefeiert, um dieses Event richtig ausklingen zu lassen organisiert der Tibetische Jugendverein eine TIBET DISCO! Wir wollen mit euch allen gemeinsam feiern!!

✫ EINTRITT GRATIS für alle ✫
✫ WELCOME DRINKS von 22:00-23:00 ✫
✫ GORSCHE bis ca. 23:00 ✫
(Hip Hop║RnB ║ Party║90er║Bollywood║Tibetan…)
✫ 00:00 BIG SURPRISE ✫

♦ ♦ Location: Oswaldgasse 34, A-1120 Wien ♦ ♦
♦ ♦ Date: Sa. 05.07.2014 ♦ ♦
♦ ♦Time: 22:00 ♦ ♦


DAYTIME PROGRAM: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1427402977541410.1073741829.1401281640153544&type=1

Enjoy the Tibetan delicacies through out the day, organized by the TGÖ. A Balloon bounce house and other activities will entertain the children. Everybody who wishes to sell Tibetan items are welcome and are requested a contribution of €50.
Tashi Delek!

Program content, Entertainement, Football and Buffet in charge: Tso Tashi.
Disco organized by Bhö-Jö Tibetan Youth Association. In charge Gürme
These informations to address directly to the organizers in case you have more questions.

Please don’t forget to get in touch in case you wish to get a sales table (Verkaufsstand) 50.-/Table

At U6 Station Tscherttegasse from 10:00am till 11:00 am.
During Sangsö,11:00 -13:00 no pick up Service.
After noon if you need to be picked up, call: 06765708757, we will send someone.

All the responsibles you can reach by messaging on TGÖ FB page: TGÖ Tibeter Gemeinschaft Österreich
You will be the guest of Tibetan Community Austria, Tibetan Tibetan Community-Austria Bodpa, Tibetan Football Club Austria and Bhö-JÖ Tibeter Jugend Österreich .

Pray for good weather and let’s celebrate HH the Dalai Lama with a lots of joy and peace.
Looking foreword to meet you all,
Tashi Delek,
TsetenZ for TGÖ Board



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